Many a surf trip with friends down to Devon and Cornwall in our campervan in the 1990s led us to fell in love with beautiful, unspoilt Croyde.

Campervan trip to Devon and Cornwall in 1990s

We dreamt of buying something more permanent as a base in Croyde but in those days there was nowhere with caravans for sale and we ended up buying a 1950s wooden holiday bungalow near the beach called 'Oceanside'.

Our wooden shack had no insulation and had a holiday let occupancy restriction, so could only be used for a few months of the year.

The years went by and we were able to buy  'The Nutshell' in 2003, a smaller wooden bungalow but with a larger garden and views of the sea.

We continued to rent the bungalow for the summer months and as our family grew we started making plans to rebuild into something larger and warmer.

In 2017 the new Endless Summer was born with more bedrooms, heating and lots of insulation.